As any dog owner knows, these aren’t just pets, they are part of the family. They need their own spaces just like any of us, and for most dogs, that’s the yard. Room to run and play is essential for a dog’s well-being. But as pet owners, you still want to keep them safe. Installing a dog fence provides your pet with a safe place to play and gives you peace of mind.


As homeowners, we often focus on making our space comfortable for ourselves and entertaining for our guests. But there are lots to consider when ensuring your dog has a safe outdoor space of its own. You know what your particular concerns are, whether that’s busy city streets or woods that are easy to get lost in. You should hire a fence company in Newnan GA that gives you the quality of installation services so that your pet could enjoy a sturdy fence that will go a long way.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Pet Fence


It all depends on what your needs are. Things like height, style, and material are determined by the breed and personality of your pet, your budget, and your homeowner’s association rules. When you have a yard that you know is safe for your pet, that means peace of mind.


  1. Your Pet’s Personality

What’s most important is your particular pet. You know your dog better than anyone. Our design team will listen to your knowledge of your pet’s personality to determine what kind of fence you need. Is your dog a leaper? We can build it to a customizable height. Does your pup love to dig? We can bury the base of the fence several inches underground. These questions will decide whether you need chain link, or picket, wood or vinyl.


  1. Cost

Cost is often the most worrisome consideration for people making improvements to their homes. But did you know, adding a fence boosts the value of your home? By adding privacy and security, you increase your home’s resale value automatically. Additionally, Beitzell Fence provides many different choices in style and size. This means we can work with your budget to complete your project.


Most Popular Pet Fences


  1. Chain Link Fences

Chain link is durable and versatile. Chain link fencing is the all-purpose standard in providing security at an economical price. It is the perfect type of fencing for protecting your pets without breaking the bank. It is easily customizable to the height you need.


Chain link is affordable. We have several options depending on what your budget is. Galvanized wire is the industry standard—hardy and economical. Aluminized steel is built to last. It is self-healing and rust-resistant. We also offer vinyl coated fencing. The vinyl coated chain link comes in a variety of colors and has unbeatable durability.


  1. Wood Fence

Wood Fences give your yard a classic look and keep your pets a safe place to play. Homeowners have continued to use wood for fencing year after year because of its sturdiness and beauty. Wood is also easy to build to any customized specs.


Other than aesthetics, the biggest advantage of wood may be the many styles it can be used to build. Picket fencing is a great traditional look. Of course, if you have a canine pal that is small enough to fit through the slats or an athlete that can jump over a low fence, then you’ll want to consider one of the other options.


  1. Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is low cost and low maintenance. Vinyl fencing, which can be crafted to into many styles, has been growing in popularity for years. We have different options that mimic the appearance of wood.


Vinyl is easy to clean and long-lasting. All you need for regular upkeep is a hose. For any harder stains, for instance, if your dog as a few favorite spots (you know what we mean) then a simple, non-abrasive cleaner will do the trick. This is a great option for keeping your pet safe and your fence looking pristine. It’s a durable product that stands the test of time.


Picket fencing is a great way to maintain aesthetics while also keeping your pet in a preferred area. Chain link is also a great option for if you want to build a fenced-in play area for your dog within your yard. If your property is already fenced in, but you’d like to keep your dog and garden or pool separate then a simple chain link fence may be all you need. It gets the job done and is easy to maintain.


Contractors can segment off part of your yard for you. This can come in several forms. They can fence off your grass from your pool in one straight line. They can also build a fence around your garden specifically to keep your pup from digging. Any fence can include a gate so you can pass easily between the different areas.