As a commercial office building operator, you always are looking for ways to attract and keep tenants as empty spaces are costing you money. You keep your building clean and well maintained. You monitor rental rates in your area to stay competitive. You look for little perks that can add appeals, such as a coffee area or conference rooms that can be part of a rental package.


But you don’t want to neglect the exterior appeal of your commercial office building. And we’re not talking just about the curb appeal from the front. Consider all aspects of your exterior space and think about how these fencing ideas can boost your office building’s appeal. Newnan Fence Company can help you achieve that appeal! With gathering all your ideas and designs that you want, they will help you come up with the plan based on what you want what’s best for your office.


There are likely two types of fences that most building owners would choose:


Decorative Fences


Decorative fences can add appeal to the front of your building. If prospective tenants arrive and see attractive ornamental fencing or decorative ironwork, they immediately sense the building’s owner cares about the property. If the outside looks nice, they will expect the same attention to the inside and to the clients who acquire space in the building.


Ornamental Fences


Ornamental fencing also can be seen as a way to direct visitors to the main entrance and eliminate confusion about where to enter. The fence also gives a sense of security to tenants and their visitors.


Adding a fence to your office space would not just give a boost on how would it like but also, it would give a lot of benefits that you can enjoy just like:


Having Your Own Private Areas


Tenants could have a variety of needs for an outdoor privacy area on the property. Of course, giving smokers an outdoor place is a necessity these days with smoking bans in public buildings. But other executives and employees also enjoy some time in the outdoors during their workdays, and having the ability to go outside for brief meetings and conferences can improve the appeal of your building. Getting a little bit of sunshine during a coffee break or lunch boosts employee morale and creativity, and a privacy fence provides a space where they don’t feel as if they are being watched while relaxing a little.


Sometimes, an employer might choose to have an unpleasant conversation outdoors to take off a little of the sting and provide extra privacy from prying eyes and ears within the office. Other outdoor areas can be left more open, allowing tenants to wander through nature to stir their creative juices.


You are Safe


As a commercial office provider, you know the workday isn’t contained from 9-5. Office spaces are used around the clock as people work when they are the most productive or clients around the globe are also in their offices. This means security is a must for any commercial office space.


Parking lots surrounded by ornamental iron or chain link fences will appeal to potential clients who know they or their employees will be coming and going at odd hours. Security gates with passcodes ensure extra safety at all hours.


Depending upon the surroundings of your property, a perimeter fence provides security and ascetics. You can either enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces with ornamental fences or block off ugly neighboring businesses with privacy fences.


It’s always best to get professional advice. As you assess the outdoor appeal of your commercial office property, you don’t need to make all the decisions yourself. Get a contractor that offers professional designers who can review your property and offer ideas on fencing and landscape that will make your property more appealing to potential tenants.